Another picture of a villain from Batman. It is the riddler who just drew a joker card from a set of cards in his hand. He’s splattered with red color possibly indicating he just committed a crime. As his signature symbol is a question mark, we decided to use a graphic instead of a symbol and a description of the graphic instead of just a symbol in order to point out that each meme-topic step on fosters your own reflection and consideration about what kind of future you want to see happen. We want to encode parts of the plan that will save the world into joker codes. If its a riddle how you can contribute to save the world or just watch at a specific spot in order to trigger things to happen – we will be your source for the most absurd things.
Another graphic of the Joker stating ‘it’s simple. We kill the simplicity’. It refers to the fact that money and human systems are insanely simple at functions and interactions where they should be highly complex – and the very way around. To resolve this paradox entanglement, somebody claimed this page is worth its existence. Its not yet what it could become very soon with your help. Now that it is there and asks for you, it has become a potential contributor to the dragonfly-effect. If you just promote us, we’ll gain enough impact and interest potential.

A fotograph of the Joker from a 2019 Batman movie. This movie is not about Batman and has a very different depth and seriousness in it. Many young minds were attracted to the character as it resembled so many aspects of our complex world that seem unchangeable and horrible but also remain inspirations for ideas, dreams and emotions. The 2019 Joker develops from good intentions to beyond any humanity at all and reaches his insanity due to his very specific circumstances of living. As in reality, the movie shows that those who choose extreme measures are just extremely desperate or afraid. Most of them lack a social environment that fosters their being. The picture entails five links to other domains which we are building or hope to trigger to be build by you or friends of you. The domains and are our kickstarter joke. We need webdeveloper and everybody else to make this into something useful. You can always cast us through if you’re up for participating in the very root phase. The domains and are two system elements of the masterplan that is developed to save the world. It is not a masterplan but by definition ‘the’ masterplan that will save the world. As such it assimilates and unifies all other plans in the intention to boost them to their fullest extend.
Stay aware that each and everyone of us wants to save the world – and just nobody knew how to do it in the past. Now that someone thinks they know how to do it and they were able to buy the ultimate domain, we want to deploy the ultimate strategy on all domains and we will deploy the ultimate strategy on every domain in every language with your help. Its a huge undertaking, but don’t worry there is a plan now. It just has to be understood and recompiled step by step.

Welcome to

We wont be operational before June 2020, except you decide to take over this project (a link to the masterplan is required) or support xeo as any of their versions.

Our current horrible joke that is intended to optimize horrific reality to awesome future is this approach: first fail