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The complexity of our own lives prevented that we saved the world before 2020. Thats sad, but its the past. We have 2020 and we can make the decision to start a process that will alter human civilization and culture – given the case there are enough people who want to save the world and are ready to trust someone who claims to be an expert in coping with worldpain. He claims to be a superhero as he has the ability superhope. It might be you. Keep looking in any case. They argue that we must accept that we failed to save the world until 2020. This year poses a new chance to fix a date from which on humans said we start saving the world (whatever that means) and we will do it so great (whoever can evaluate that) that we either inspire the next big (awesome) thing or reach a around 2024. If you’re bored check out who’s the real pokemon at Or annoy Elon Musik with elonsquest – but its not there.

If we accept our ultimate failure in the past, we can anticipate our ultimate win in the future. We will report about it once its done at 2028 at

To understand that all of us want to save the world but all of us have their very specific state and set of mind and identity that keeps us from doing it requires one exception. It requires culture to allow one element of itself to be not part of culture but to remain alive. It is the inverse zombie, you might attack and destroy them at any time to stop world saving as xeo works on rapid reflectional prototyping and it won’t have much of an impact as soon enough promote any type of xeo.

After we accepted our failure, we can start to care.